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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Ultimate Bell Cases™ different than other cases?
A: One of the main benefits of Ultimate Bell Cases™ is that they are the ONLY air, water, and dust tight handbell case on the market today! This one-of-a-kind feature will greatly reduce the tarnishing effect on the bells while they are stored in the cases. It protects the bells from water damage that might occur where the cases are stored or when traveling.

Q: Why aren’t Ultimate Bell Cases™ like other traditional cases where the bells are stored horizontally?
A: The first four octaves were designed to store the bells in a vertical position for several reasons. The bells are much easier to remove & replace vertically than horizontally. There will also be less wear & tear on the foam inserts. In addition, by designing a vertically stored bell case, the cases themselves are narrower in width & length thus, making them easier to roll through hallways & doors.

Q: What is meant by saying your Ultimate Bell Cases™ have field replaceable parts?
A: The purchaser of our cases can replace the following case parts with standard household tools: wheels, pull-out handle, and carrying handles. These replacement parts are included in the lifetime warranty (the only handbell case to offer this!) & will be shipped to you with appropriate instructions as needed.

Q: How long will these cases last?
A: Our cases are ATA 300 category 1 rated. This rating means they were designed to withstand at least 100 minimum common carrier trips. Again, they do have a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the shell of the case!

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